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Baclayon Heritage Houses
Province:  Bohol
(located in the vicinity of Baclayon Church)
Listed in Gallery:   Conservation Site

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"Bahandi" meaning "treasure" in Visayan is the name given to the Association of Baclayon Ancestral Homes, a group of home-owners of Spanish colonial houses, banded together to spare their heritage homes from demolition. Sometime in 2003, the Tagbilaran-Baclayon Highway was slated for a road-widening project and these heritage homes were under the threat of getting demolished and parts of the house and its contents were about to be sold to antique buyers. These home-owners together with other concerned individuals not only have managed to keep these structures intact, but are also finding ways to include them in Baclayon heritage tours by offering these as homestays. These ancestral homes, some of which were constructed as early as 1853, are all within walking distance from each other and the famed Baclayon Church. As homestays, the heritage homes get to earn their keep towards preservation efforts while enabling the homeowners to share their treasure as alternative lodging.

It is significant to highlight that the conservation efforts for these heritage homes are in conjunction with the development of scuba diving and other eco-tourism activities such as whale and dolphin watching as the Panglao and Pamilacan Islands are nearby. Manta Ray hunting is being curtailed and the displaced fishermen are being absorbed into the Bahandi workforce. It is also noteworthy to mention that the fishermen working the waters off Pamilacan Island have themselves marked off sacrificially from their fishing grounds for fish sanctuary and diving purposes. These conservation efforts coupled with the recovered heritage homes and exciting dive and eco-tourism activities offer the tourist-diver not only alternative lodging but cultural immersion as well.

Waypoint narrative by: ChachaVG 2007

Additional narratives or blogs:
Get immersed in the culture, arts and practices of the community by choosing to stay in one of our ancestral houses in Baclayon. Mealtimes and meriendas are something to look forward to. Typical Boholano meals are prepared and served, and a variety of pastry products that the Baclayanons produce. These houses are open for home stays to visitors and friends to allow them the Bahandi experience which means:

Get to know the Legend of Awag to Palermo, the zone where many of these vintage houses are located.

listen to the family stories, appreciate family collections and museum to learn the history and culture of the town.

Participate in the different celebrations of the Marian Cycle of the
Church (fiesta of the Immaculate Conception, Misa de Gallo- the
Motherhood of Mary, Holy Week- the Sorrows of Mary, Flores de Mayo)

Discover the serenity of the mountains, and scenery of the landscape

listen to the early morning chirping of the birds and buzzing of the bees

observe the demonstration area for contour and nature farming, appreciate how the weavers make their handicrafts in their respective households, explore nature (cave walk, trail treks, butterfly and bird watching) and make time stand still in our Hilly Retreats

Engage in our different Marine Adventures to appreciate our aqua resources, and help protect marine environment (dolphin and whale watching, diving and snorkeling, shell glimpsing, and moonlight boating), take the leisurely late afternoon boat ride with a fisherman in his bigiw (paddle boat) while you listen to his stories and songs.

Like the sea around you, possibilities are endless.

By: Jojie_Gilay_Pestelos 2007

For more details on the inventory of Bahandi homestays and a list of contact numbers, click here

By: EPPGarcia 2007



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