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Bacolod Cathedral
Province:  Negros Occidental
10° 40.195N   122° 56.815E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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This was a historical church for Bacolod Since it also served as a fortress during the
Fil-Am war.... People of Bacolod created make shift fake cannons out of coconut trunks and the
cannon balls would be the coconuts. It was just a mock up so as to scare incoming Americans.
This church is actually near the sea shore during those old times. Now, the area was reclaimed and that is where the town plaza is today.

Built in 1876, the Bacolod Cathedral symbolizes the typical Spanish town where churches front the public plaza, a practice the Spaniards borrowed from the Romans. The Stone structure is made of coral stones and lime quarried from nearby Guimaras Island. The construction of its structure was initiated by Father Fernando Cuenca (sent by Gov. Claveria to establish a central capital in the island).

Originally at its present site it was just a small parish church, this parish became the nuceus of thepresent-day BACOLOD, formerly known as "Kamingawan" which means the "place of loneliness".

Older than the Cathedral by approximately 50 years, is the Palacio Episcoral (Bishop's Place) built in 1830 at a cost of P 10,000.00. It has seen the rise and fall of foreign powers and is presently the seat of diocese of the province of Negros Occidental.

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