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Balite Falls
Town/City:  Amadeo
Province:  Cavite
14° 12.631N   120° 55.335E
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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This falls is rather small, but, it offers visitors a nice spot to swim in.  It has an interesting deep tub or pool that could be enjoyed by adults and a shallow portion that can be enjoyed by children.  Locals have erected several huts around the waterway for visitors who would like to have picnic of sorts.

How to get there.

Balite falls is in Barangay Halang which is roughly  3km+ north of Amadeo.  If you are travelling using private vehicle, you can take the South Luzon Tollway and exit at Exit 33 (Carmona) and head southwest towards Carmona.  Near Carmona, take the Carmona Bypass road so you do not have to go through Carmona town proper.  This road actually leads all the way to Trece Martires and crosses Aguinaldo Highway (the more popular road to Tagaytay City coming from Zapote).  About 7.7km on this road from the Exit 33, there will be a junction to Silang. Take this road and head for Silang (about 8.3 km).  At Silang, and at every major junction in Silang, you may need to ask directions from locals which way to Barrio Luksuhin.  If you can't find help, just follow the major streets of Silang with a southwest general direction until you hit the wide and nicely paved roads of Aguinaldo Highway.

The road to Barrio Luksuhin actually starts from a crossing point along Aguinaldo Highway on the section that now bypasses Silang.  Follow this road to Luksuhin, through Luksuhin, Calubcob, Lit-lit and up to the crossing in Banay-Banay (about 4 kms total).  At Banay-Banay, turn right northwestward while carefully taking note of your odometer reading at the intersection.

As of travelogue time there are no clear landmarks near the road junction that leads to Balite so we will rely on measuring the distance from the Banay-Banay intersection.  Go 1.3 km northwestward then you will see a small dirt road on the left.

Turn left on this dirt road and follow this road for about 1 km to the end.  On both sides of this dirt road would be coffee farm/plantation.  The end of the road will be a sudden descent to a clearing which serves as the parking lot for visitors to the falls.  The falls would just be a few meters south of the clearing behind the trees.

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