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Alubihod Beach
Province:  Guimaras
10° 32.060N   122° 30.970E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
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Alubihod beach is in Guimaras island. The beach is a part of the town of Nueva Valencia.

Alubihod Beach is easily accessible from Iloilo City. From the city proper, take jeepneys with sign boards of either Baluarte or SM/ City Proper. Ask the driver to drop you off at Ortiz or Ortiz Port. Here, you will pay 13-20 pesos for a boat ride that will take you to Jordan Wharf in Guimaras. The ride takes approximately 20 minutes. At Jordan Wharf, you can opt for a trike that will take you directly to the beach or, depending on your preference, allows a side trip to the Trappist Monastery in the island. One way fare for a tricycle costs 250pesos(The trike can accommodate 4 people so this is the best option if you are in a group). On the other hand, you can also take the jeepneys bound for Nueva Valencia which only costs 25 pesos. However, the latter takes much longer time because of passenger pick-ups and drop offs.

If you choose to take the jeepney, ask the driver to drop you off at Alubihod Crossing. Here, you have to ride a tricycle for 40(all in). There are many resorts in Alubihod and they charge a minimal fee of 5-10 pesos/pax for entrance and you can rent cottages for 200-500 depending on the size. Food is also served(on some resorts) at affordable prizes. Should you wish to sleep in Alubihod, rooms are available at a very cheap price- ranging from 500-1000 pesos.

The shoreline is less than a kilometer long and on the left side, there is some sort of cave that offers shade while swimming.Meanwhile, the right side of the beach is more exposed. The sand is powdery and white for the majority of the beach because resorts owners have arranged existing rocks along the shore, to make them more appealing, instead of leaving them scattered on the shore. Snorkeling is also a must, though equipment is not necessary because one can easliy see a fish or two swimming by.

If you are only coming for a day visit, be sure to keep time because the last jeepney bound for Jordan Wharf leaves before 5pm, because the last boat back to Iloilo leaves at 6pm.

Waypoint narrative by: April_Salvanera 2009



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