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Aguinaldo Trail to Palanan
Province:  Isabela
17° 06.183N   122° 16.485E
Listed in Gallery:   Hiking Trail

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The Aguinaldo Trail is one of the Palanan Trails that I detailed <here>

This is the traditional trail, which has been in use since Spanish times to travel to the Cagayan Valley on foot. Until now it is frequently used by the locals.

How to get there:

Proceed to Brgy. Disulap via tricycle from San Mariano. Wait for an logging truck 6x6 or similar off-road vehicle to pass by for hitch hiking. These are the only public vehicles commuting to the jump-off point. When possible hitch-hike to Divisoria else start hiking from Villa Miranda. Divisoria is the last village in San Mariano. Normally it is possible to hire guides in Divisoria.

WaypointsType of trail

Divisoria - Sangkat END
Divisoria is the last village. River trekking, crossing dozens of times the river, sometimes with shortcuts beside the river in the forest until almost the end of the watershed. At the beginning the rivers are big with more than ca. 100 m width until the end of the watershed where creeks are the trails. Short cuts sometimes go over hills (see vertical profile).

Sangkat END - Dimanek
Forest trail steep reaching to the highest point Tanawan Peak. The hike to Tanawan Peak is easier coming from San Mariano compared to Palanan, because less steep.

Dimanek - SangkatP Pag R
River trekking on creek, rocks are quite slippery and big, short cuts beside the river.

SangkatP Pag R - Dinagapilan RC
River trekking wider river.

Dinagapilan RC - Diabbut
Forest trail, interesting lime stone rock formations. Diabbut is the first village.

Diabbut - Dimasari
Mud Road. Tricycle to Palanan Centro can be hired.

Vertical Profile Aguinaldo Trail San Mariano to Palanan

Waypoint narrative by: Martin_Pachner 2009



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