Fort of San Pedro

During the American regime, it became part of the Warwick Barracks complex, the garrison for the American military forces.

During World War II, from 1941 to 1945, it served as fortification for the Japanese. During the liberation, the fort served as an army camp.  After 1950, Cebu Garden Club took over and fixed the inner court into a miniature garden.  For a couple of years it also housed the Cebu City Zoo.  It also housed the offices of the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Tourism Authority until 1993.

Today, it houses the Philippine National Museum regional office and a well-manicured park.  Entrance fee is Php15.00.  When I went there, it was still closed before 7:00A.M. but I persuaded those in-charge to let me in because I was there to promote the site.

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