Filename:  panay02
Roxas to Virgin Beach (Capiz) via Ivisan
Contributed by:   Bertrand

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Tracklog and waypoints from Roxas Capiz to Virgin Beach at Sapian Bay

I  GPSU 4.03  REGISTERED to 'sloovey'
S Timezone=8
S Units=M,M
S SymbolSet=7
M E               WGS 84 100  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00 0 0 0
F ID------ Latitude     Longitude     Symbol------- T O  Alt(m)   Comment
W IVISAN   N1131.1620' E12241.6710' Small City    I E      21.0 TOWN / FISHMARKET
W ROXAS    N1135.1380' E12245.1270' Medium City   I E      27.0 CITY
W VIRGIN   N1133.4030' E12238.1230' Small City    I E      33.0 VIRGIN BEACH WHITE SAND
H Track            Pnts Date       Time     StopTime  seconds        m    m/s Alt(m)  
H                    63 10.02.2003 16:33:23 17:22:31     2948    20128    6.8    170.6
F Latitude     Longitude     Alt(m)   
T N1133.3970' E12238.1370'     45.0 
T N1133.3960' E12238.1480'     37.0 
T N1133.3270' E12238.0980'     37.0 
T N1133.3080' E12238.1570'     44.0 
T N1133.3020' E12238.2460'     39.0 
T N1133.2500' E12238.3140'     37.0 
T N1133.1460' E12238.3280'     37.0 
T N1133.1180' E12238.3140'     37.0 
T N1133.0760' E12238.2200'     37.0 
T N1132.9490' E12238.2250'     37.0 
T N1132.9290' E12238.2200'     37.0 
T N1132.9070' E12238.2400'     37.0 
T N1132.5590' E12239.1050'     37.0 
T N1132.4260' E12239.2320'     11.0 
T N1132.3800' E12239.3110'      9.0 
T N1132.3960' E12239.3770'     39.0 
T N1132.4520' E12239.4640'     28.0 
T N1132.4880' E12239.5630'     35.0 
T N1132.4840' E12239.5960'     31.0 
T N1132.4020' E12239.6560'     20.0 
T N1132.3370' E12239.7870'     24.0 
T N1132.3380' E12240.0410'     21.0 
T N1132.2990' E12240.0820'     20.0 
T N1132.1130' E12240.1290'     22.0 
T N1132.1170' E12240.2310'     29.0 
T N1132.0330' E12240.3640'     27.0 
T N1131.8870' E12240.3220'     23.0 
T N1131.7610' E12240.4140'     25.0 
T N1131.6250' E12240.5170'     23.0 
T N1131.5950' E12240.6470'     26.0 
T N1131.5230' E12240.7080'     24.0 
T N1131.4140' E12240.8180'     21.0 
T N1131.3060' E12241.0830'     20.0 
T N1131.1520' E12241.3060'     17.0 
T N1131.0330' E12241.4300'     20.0 
T N1131.1570' E12241.4860'     21.0 
T N1131.2290' E12241.5530'     29.0 
T N1131.2170' E12241.5670'     27.0 
T N1131.2360' E12241.6080'     28.0 
T N1131.2710' E12241.5930'     28.0 
T N1131.4050' E12241.8220'     29.0 
T N1131.5960' E12241.9390'     29.0 
T N1131.6330' E12242.0220'     21.0 
T N1131.7990' E12242.1170'     19.0 
T N1131.9100' E12242.1070'     19.0 
T N1132.0450' E12242.1540'     19.0 
T N1132.2960' E12242.2590'     24.0 
T N1132.7140' E12242.3320'     30.0 
T N1132.9470' E12242.4290'     14.0 
T N1133.1350' E12242.5840'     13.0 
T N1133.1850' E12242.6780'     24.0 
T N1133.2480' E12242.7410'     24.0 
T N1133.3110' E12242.9130'     25.0 
T N1133.3900' E12242.9890'     27.0 
T N1133.4780' E12243.3270'     22.0 
T N1133.4640' E12243.5820'     22.0 
T N1133.5170' E12243.7230'     24.0 
T N1134.4210' E12244.6110'     25.0 
T N1134.5570' E12244.7910'     27.0 
T N1134.7340' E12244.7920'     31.0 
T N1134.8640' E12244.8480'     35.0 
T N1134.9640' E12244.8410'     35.0 
T N1134.9820' E12245.1330'     31.0 
T N1135.0940' E12245.1310'     52.0