Filename:  btmunt01
Muntinlupa Bike Trail (Short Course)
Contributed by:   EPPGarcia

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I  GPSU 4.03  REGISTERED to 'sloovey'
S DateFormat=yyyy-mm-dd
S Units=M,M
S SymbolSet=0
M E               WGS 84 100  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00 0 0 0
F ID---- Latitude     Longitude     T O  Alt(m)   Comment
W BILIBD N1422.9180' E12101.7960' I E      57.0 BILIBID
W J1RD   N1422.5700' E12101.2190' I E      73.0 ROAD JUNCTION
W J2     N1422.6100' E12101.4750' I E      72.0 
W J3TRL  N1422.5110' E12101.4240' I E      60.0 JUNCTION TO TRAIL
W J5JADE N1422.0740' E12101.1760' I E      71.0 
W J6     N1421.7790' E12100.8600' I E      78.0 
W LMK006 N1421.9200' E12100.7210' I E      83.0 
W WALL   N1422.0480' E12100.6050' I E      77.0 
W BRDGE  N1422.0180' E12100.4280' I E      76.0 
W J7     N1421.9540' E12100.1650' I E      93.0 
W J8FENC N1421.8730' E12100.2510' I E      92.0 
W REST   N1421.3060' E12100.4130' I E      88.0 
W WALL2  N1421.2520' E12100.4860' I E      87.0 
W J9     N1422.1560' E12101.2310' I E      85.0 
W J10    N1422.1240' E12101.2890' I E      53.0 
W LMK008 N1422.3440' E12101.5270' I E      76.0 
W LMK009 N1422.4070' E12101.5670' I E      63.0 
W CMETRY N1422.4210' E12101.6240' I E      64.0 CEMETERY
W CREEK  N1422.6250' E12101.7680' I E      46.0 
W LMK010 N1422.7350' E12101.8640' I E      56.0 
H Track            Pnts Date     Time     StopTime  seconds        m    m/s Alt(m)  
H                    78 2002-05-18 20:34:13 20:34:13        0    12252 ####.#    103.0
F Latitude     Longitude     Alt(m)   
T N1422.9190' E12101.8000'     66.0 
T N1422.9290' E12101.7410'     46.0 
T N1422.9000' E12101.6600'     46.0 
T N1422.9110' E12101.5140'     37.0 
T N1422.8800' E12101.4630'     44.0 
T N1422.8500' E12101.4070'     55.0 
T N1422.8360' E12101.3540'     63.0 
T N1422.7770' E12101.3110'     64.0 
T N1422.6040' E12101.2220'     74.0 
T N1422.5660' E12101.2230'     72.0 
T N1422.5580' E12101.3010'     76.0 
T N1422.6110' E12101.3690'     73.0 
T N1422.6140' E12101.4740'     68.0 
T N1422.5640' E12101.4370'     67.0 
T N1422.5090' E12101.4240'     59.0 
T N1422.4590' E12101.4080'     64.0 
T N1422.4260' E12101.3830'     71.0 
T N1422.3550' E12101.3420'     71.0 
T N1422.2660' E12101.3000'     74.0 
T N1422.0950' E12101.1780'     72.0 
T N1422.0180' E12101.1740'     76.0 
T N1421.9470' E12101.1490'     72.0 
T N1421.9170' E12101.0970'     74.0 
T N1421.8740' E12101.0150'     76.0 
T N1421.7790' E12100.8640'     80.0 
T N1421.8930' E12100.7540'     83.0 
T N1421.9220' E12100.7200'     82.0 
T N1421.9590' E12100.6160'     81.0 
T N1422.0410' E12100.6180'     78.0 
T N1422.0450' E12100.5460'     86.0 
T N1422.0300' E12100.4880'     82.0 
T N1422.0150' E12100.4140'     80.0 
T N1422.0130' E12100.3500'     86.0 
T N1422.0110' E12100.1810'     89.0 
T N1421.9510' E12100.1650'     92.0 
T N1421.9100' E12100.1890'     92.0 
T N1421.8900' E12100.2260'     92.0 
T N1421.8480' E12100.2510'     93.0 
T N1421.7780' E12100.2490'     90.0 
T N1421.6490' E12100.2390'     93.0 
T N1421.5470' E12100.2240'     91.0 
T N1421.4840' E12100.2260'     95.0 
T N1421.4170' E12100.2570'     97.0 
T N1421.3640' E12100.2840'     93.0 
T N1421.3200' E12100.3330'     87.0 
T N1421.3040' E12100.3810'     81.0 
T N1421.3060' E12100.4100'     91.0 
T N1421.2970' E12100.4460'     90.0 
T N1421.2610' E12100.4610'     88.0 
T N1421.2520' E12100.4860'    103.0 
T N1421.2290' E12100.5380'     97.0 
T N1421.5320' E12100.6020'     91.0 
T N1421.6040' E12100.7380'     86.0 
T N1421.7410' E12100.8220'     84.0 
T N1421.9090' E12101.0900'     84.0 
T N1421.9160' E12101.1470'     81.0 
T N1422.0190' E12101.1760'     84.0 
T N1422.0890' E12101.1780'     87.0 
T N1422.1560' E12101.2250'     85.0 
T N1422.1240' E12101.2890'     64.0 
T N1422.1510' E12101.3180'     66.0 
T N1422.1870' E12101.3740'     66.0 
T N1422.2560' E12101.4280'     66.0 
T N1422.2960' E12101.4420'     66.0 
T N1422.3460' E12101.5290'     73.0 
T N1422.3980' E12101.5670'     64.0 
T N1422.4210' E12101.6240'     63.0 
T N1422.4500' E12101.6680'     78.0 
T N1422.4610' E12101.7240'     72.0 
T N1422.4920' E12101.7480'     60.0 
T N1422.5270' E12101.7580'     61.0 
T N1422.6060' E12101.7690'     45.0 
T N1422.6430' E12101.7740'     51.0 
T N1422.6780' E12101.8030'     59.0 
T N1422.7340' E12101.8640'     56.0 
T N1422.9480' E12102.0140'     63.0 
T N1422.9120' E12101.9200'     63.0 
T N1422.8670' E12101.8530'     66.0 
T N1422.9230' E12101.7990'     66.0