Filename:  baguio03
Baguio City points of interest
Contributed by:   paulperez

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S DateFormat=m/d/yy
S Units=M,M
S SymbolSet=2
M E               WGS 84 100  0.0000000E+00  0.0000000E+00 0 0 0
F ID-------- Latitude     Longitude     Symbol------------- T Alt(m)   Comment
W 18BC       N1624.5826' E12035.4732' Mug                 I   1464.7 18 B.C. BAR AND RESTAURANT
W BALWAG     N1624.6882' E12035.9766' Waypoint            I   1484.6 BALIWAG LECHON MANOK AND LIEMPO
W BARRIO     N1624.5358' E12036.0138' Knife & Fork        I   1454.1 BARRIO FIESTA RESTAURANT
W BGH        N1624.1002' E12035.7960' First Aid           I   1478.4 BAGUIO GENERAL HOSPITAL
W BIR        N1624.5238' E12036.0468' Building            I   1456.0 BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE
W BRDGE      N1624.8839' E12036.5171' Bridge              I   1465.0 TEACHER'S CAMP BRIDGE
W BSU        N1627.1194' E12035.4312' School              I   1324.6 BENGUET STATE UNIVERSITY
W BYNHAN     N1624.7902' E12035.6214' Waypoint            I   1470.0 BAYANIHAN: WAG WAGAN, UKAY UKAY
W C-MALL     N1624.9852' E12035.7924' Bowling             I   1435.8 CENTERMALL OF BAGUIO: BOWLING AND CINEMA
W CACTUS     N1624.5886' E12035.4954' Mug                 I   1464.7 CACTUS BAR AND RESTAURANT
W CBINET     N1624.5586' E12036.2538' Waypoint            I   1474.3 CABINET HILL
W CHURCH     N1624.7296' E12036.2298' Church              I   1482.5 PINK SISTERS CHURCH: BRENT
W CICM       N1624.2742' E12035.8038' Church              I   1485.4 CICM HOME SWEET HOME, CHURCH
W CIELTO     N1624.4902' E12036.0690' Lodging             I   1485.8 EL CIELITO INN
W COURT      N1624.5466' E12036.0966' Waypoint            I   1456.0 COURT OF APPEALS, BAGUIO CITY
W CTYHAL     N1624.8262' E12035.5230' Building            I   1460.8 BAGUIO CITY HALL
W CTYLTS     N1624.7722' E12035.9958' Mug                 I   1474.1 CITY LIGHTS HOTEL, BAR AND RESTAURANT
W FLYOVR     N1625.5510' E12035.6340' Bridge              I   1387.8 BOKAWKAN-MAGSAYSAY FLYOVER INTERCHANGE
W HARRSN     N1624.8052' E12035.6934' Crossing            I   1450.0 HARRISON RD OVERPASS SYSTEM
W HOSPTL     N1625.6086' E12035.6610' First Aid           I   1381.8 PINE HOSPITAL
W JH-RDA     N1624.2358' E12036.3066' Waypoint            I   1488.7 CAMP JOHN HAY ROTONDA
W MHRLKA     N1624.8388' E12035.7096' Waypoint            I   1489.9 MAHARLIKA CENTER
W MPS        N1624.6738' E12035.9784' Convenience Store   I   1454.6 MOM AND POP'S STORES
W MRKT       N1624.9342' E12035.7306' Waypoint            I   1437.0 BAGUIO CITY MARKET
W NEVADA     N1624.1590' E12036.3786' Mug                 I   1487.0 NEVADA: RESTAURANTS, BARS
W PETRN2     N1624.6774' E12035.8512' Fuel                I   1460.8 PETRON AT HARRISON RD
W PETRON     N1624.1464' E12035.7174' Fuel                I   1475.3 PETRON BGH NEAR WELCOME ROTONDA
W PNCAKE     N1624.1338' E12035.7216' Knife & Fork        I   1475.0 PANCAKE HOUSE AT PETRON BGH
W PRC        N1624.3696' E12036.0630' Building            I   1485.8 PHILIPPINE REGULATIONS COMMISSION
W PRINCE     N1624.5784' E12035.5062' Lodging             I   1466.6 PRINCE HOTEL PLAZA AT LEGARDA
W PSTOFC     N1624.6810' E12035.9484' Post Office         I   1483.7 BAGUIO CITY POST OFFICE