What is a Cookie?

A cookie is either a small text file that is stored on your hard drive, or some information that is stored in memory until you close your browser.  This website may save information on your system in the form of a cookie to allow our web server to temporarily note your User-ID and Password so that you will not be required to enter these two pieces of information every time they are needed to access features on our site.  If you allow the use of cookies, you need only to enter the information once during a session.

There is some concern that cookies can access and read other areas of your hard drive, or that personal information about you can be read by the web site.  Web pages that write and read cookies can only interact with the cookie file(s) for your browser and a cookie can only be accessed by the same domain server that sent it.   If we send you a cookie, we can only read our cookie.  We can not access any other information available on your hard drive.  Your internet browser is very much designed to stop us from doing so.  Besides, this website will send only cookies that will be saved in memory and not on your hard drive.  Our cookie will be removed as soon as you close your browser application when you end your browsing session.

What's it's purpose?

We only have one purpose for our cookies. and that is,  to take note of your User-ID and Password during your session.  If you log on to our website using cookies,  you will not be required to enter them again and again whenever we need to check your identity.  If you log on using cookies, using our site would be a lot more enjoyable.

Do I really need to use cookies?

No.  It is optional.  You may choose not to log on using cookies and you can still access all features on the website except that you will always be asked for your User-ID and Password everytime they are needed.

For more information, go to http://www.microsoft.com/info/cookies.htm.