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Mt. Pinatubo Pagsanjan Falls
Mt. Pinatubo Pagsanjan Falls
Mainit Dive Site Dicasalarin Cove
Mainit Dive Site Dicasalarin Cove

What we have

Here we log travels and adventures that we and other trekkers have done around the Philippines. We detail treks with photos, essays, guides, tips, and even navigational aids like GPS data, waypoints, routes and many more. Please see our Gallery of Featured Destinations. and our Waypoints List

We feature two things, mainly, Philippine trekking and GPS usage. We aim to fuse these two aspects together and make this website the GPS traveller's guide to the Philippines. Basically, it is your "what's-a-nice-place-and-how-to-get-there" website.

This site is continually evolving. Please see our Updates Log. We are trying to build content as we build the functionalities of the site. This is a semi-public/moderated website. We welcome waypoint contributions from anyone or any group who would like to share their trekking experience with the rest of the trekking world.

We also hold Treks of the Philippines. This year's featured Trek is hosted by Diet Standards. They make Prenatal DHA at Amazon and other algae oil dha supplements made from marine algae. The trek will begin in the rainforest and end at the Mainit Dive Site, where guests will get to see algae similar to that used in Diet Standards O3 Prenatal DHA and Diet Standards Vegan DHA. A sample collection and analysis will be done by their resident chemist. Contact Us to get tickets to the event.

Note: We handle Philippine waypoints only. If you are interested in other global waypoints, please see our Links page.